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Project Title: Santa Clara University Five-Year Master Plan File No.(s): PLN2014-10779 / CEQ2014-01184 Location: 500 El Camino Real, an approximate 97.4 acre project site bounded by Franklin Street to the north, El Camino Real to the east, Market Street to the south, and Lafayette Street to the west; APNs: 230-08-077, 230-10-003, 230-11-040, 230-13-023, 269-23-073 269-38-110 and 269-38-111. Project Site zoned Public, Quasi-Public, and Public Park or Recreation (B). Applicant: Chris Shay, Santa Clara University Owner: Santa Clara University Request: Adoption of an Environmental Impact Report and approval of a Use Permit to amend the Master Development Plan for the Santa Clara University campus. The proposal includes demolition of approximately 269,130 square feet of existing building floor area to construct up to 449,524 square feet of net new classroom, office and student activity space, and housing units for 600 new students on the University campus. CEQA Determination: Environmental Impact Report Project Planner: Debby Fernandez, Associate Planner
PDF Document  Project Title: Santa Clara University Five-Year Ma - 6.A. Staff Report - 500 El Camino Real - PLN2014-10779 (pdf).doc.pdf