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            The City Council and the Planning Commission met at 6:00 pm, on the above-mentioned date, in the City Hall Council Chambers and the Special Joint City Council and Planning Commission Meeting was opened with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and Statement of Values.


            Present:  Council Members Dominic J. Caserta, Debi Davis, Teresa O'Neill and Kathy Watanabe and Mayor/Chairperson Lisa M. Gillmor.  Absent:  Council Members Kolstad and Marsalli.  Planning Commissioners:  Steve Kelly, Sudhanshu Jain, Yuki Ikezi, Joe Sweeney, Mike O’Halloran and Raj Chahal and Chairwoman Deborah Costa .


            Staff present: City Manager, City Attorney and Acting Assistant City Clerk.

            The Council/Planning Commission proceeded with a Study Session for the City Place Project located at 5155 Stars and Stripes Drive (Property Owner:  City of Santa Clara, Applicant Related Santa Clara, LLC), comprised of approximately 240-acres located north of Tasman Drive, east of Great America Parkway and San Tomas Aquino Creek, west of the Guadalupe River and south of Great America Way and State Route (SR) 237, for construction of a new multi-phased, mixed-use development, including up to 9.16 million gross square feet of office buildings, retail and entertainment facilities, residential units and hotel rooms, as well as surface and structured parking facilities, new open space and roads, landscaping and tree replacement, and new upgraded and expanded infrastructure and utilities and involving Certification of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), a General Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Planned Development Master Community Plan and Infrastructure Master Plan, Development Agreement, Disposition and Development Agreement and Ground Lease [APN:  104-03-036, 104-03-037, 104-03-038, 104-03-039, 104-01-102, 097-01-039 and 097-01-073 (PLN2014-10554, SCH#2014072078 and CEQ2014-01180)].  The City Manager introduced Anna Shimko, Esq., Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP, attorney for the City.  Ms. Shimko gave an electronic presentation of the existing uses, phasing place, schedule of performance, conceptual land use plan/areas, development schemes, existing General Plan and zoning designations and land use entitlements.  She answered Council/Planning Commission questions.  The Director of Public Works/City Engineer continued with the electronic presentation on the draft street and private street network, traffic access, parking and circulation improvements and variants, and potential bus circulation, bicycle and pedestrian networks.  The Director of Public Works/City Engineer, City Manager and Assistant City Manager/Economic Development Officer answered Council/Planning Commission questions.  Gina Saporito, Parks and Recreation Department Staff Aide II, continued with the presentation on the parks and open space network and commented on the additional 7.7 and 9.5 acres dedicated for housing.  Ms. Saporito, the Director of Public Works/City Engineer, Steve Eimer, Related Santa Clara, LLC, and the City Manager answered Council/Planning Commission questions.  The Council/Planning Commission noted a letter (03/21/16) submitted by the Sierra Club, Committee for Green Foothills, Friends of Caltrain and Santa Clara Valley Audubon regarding the proposed project and a list of talking points submitted by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.  The City Manager stated that the utilities section (sanitary sewer, storm drain, potable water and recycled water systems) of the presentation will be deferred to the next Study Session due to the lateness of the hour.  The following individuals addressed the Council/Planning Commission with general comments: Sarah McDermott, Alice Kaufman (provided handout), Jim Allison, Corinne Winter (ACE), Melissa Cerezo (Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority), Kirk Vartan, Dr. Mohammed Nadeem, Jan Hintermeister, Terah Donovan, Adina Levin, Miles Barber, Hosam Haggag, Gina and David Ebrahimi (Owners of David’s Restaurant at Santa Clara Golf Course), Deborah Bress and Tracy Johnson. 


            There being no further business, MOTION was made by O’Neill, seconded and unanimously carried (Kolstad and Marsalli absent), to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 pm.  The Mayor stated that the next Special Joint Meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission has not yet been scheduled.




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