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Supporting Materials
Charter Review Committee Recommendations to:
1.) Approve the proposed Charter amendment language to:
    a) Elect City Council Members by two districts (e.g. District 1 and 2) with three Council Members representing each district;
    b) Elect the three Council Members at the same time per district alternating/staggering between gubernatorial and presidential election years;
    c) Utilize Single Transferrable Vote, a form of Ranked Choice Voting, as soon as the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters Office can support such a system; continue with the City's current voting method of plurality until the County can support the new voting method.
    d) Transition to include:
        - In 2018, elect two members to four-year terms in District 1;
        - In 2020 elect one member to a two-year term in District 1 and three members to four-year terms in District 2.
    e) Change the voting method of all other elected officers, including Mayor, City Clerk, Chief of Police, to match the recommended voting method of Council Members (Ranked Choice Voting by means of Single Transferrable Vote) beginning in 2020 with the election of the City Clerk and Chief of Police, and then subsequent
        elections thereafter.
2.) Direct the City Manager and the Interim City Attorney to initiate the process to draw the districts with public outreach;
3.) Provide further direction regarding administrative charter amendments and future work plan items for the Charter Review Committee.
4.) Note and file the Charter Review Committee meeting minutes of October 5, October 23, and November 6, 2017.
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